LCIE / Bureau Veritas IEC 61215 & IEC 61730
All of our PV solar modules are manufactured following stricts quality controls, before, during and after of the manufacturing.Certificates IEC/61215 and IEC / 61730 by LCIE-Bureau Veritas and qualification test made in testing laboratories based on these standards, certify that all of
our panels successfully pass the tests and are suitable for use in any installation.

All of our full range of PV solar modules with power between 5W and 320W, are according the CE standard, and has its own certificates.

Independent performance qualification report testing
All of the Eastech PV solar modules with power between 5W and 320W, has been tested by an
independent lab to prove the data sheet we use in our catalogue. CIEMAT - CENER - INTA - BV

IEC 61215

Determines the electrical and thermal characteristics of the module and shows that the module is capable of withstanding prolonged exposure in certain climates. This includes:

• UV Rays
• Differential between ambient temperature and humidity
• The mechanical load (hail, wind suction, wind pressure) and the parameters of the snow (distributed load) that are responsible for the aging of PV modules.


The CE Mark or European Conformity is a European brand for certain groups of services or industrial products. It is supported by Directive 93/68/EEC. It was established by the European Community and the testimony by the manufacturer that their product meets the minimum legal requirements and technical security of the Member States of the European Union

IEC 61370

Describesthe testing requirementsfor photovoltaic modulestoprovide asafeelectrical and mechanicallifetime.Deals with the preventionof electric shock,fire hazardandpersonal injury duetomechanicaland environmentaltensions.Describes thetest requirementsandwill be usedin conjunctionwith IEC61215 orIEC61646.


Laboratory accredited by theNational Accreditation Body(ENAC), and recognized by theInternationalElectrotechnical Commission (IEC) to test photovoltaic modules according to the following standards:

• EC-61215 forcrystallinesilicon modules.

• IEC-61646 forthinfilm modules.

• IEC-61730 forElectrical SafetyofPhotovoltaic Modules.

• IEC-62108 for modules withCPV(CPV).


In 1989the European Space Agency(ESA) selected INTA'sLaboratorycertification ofphotovoltaic solar cellsused bythe Agencysatellites, giving rise to SPASOLAB(SpaceSolarCellTestLaboratory. In SPASOLAB are performed extensive testing of behavior for certification of photovoltaic cells for use in space.


Ciemat certification