Eastech Solar S.A.U. was founded in the year 2006 with a clear goal for the future: To be the leader in the manufacture, marketing and advice in the field of renewable energy, especially in solar energy.

A large team of experts in international marketing in the technology sector, decided to create this business project after analyzing the major changes on the world scene, and the great potential of the Solar Industry globally, by the undoubted benefits that this brings. It's ecologically, inexhaustible, treatable ....
A project to provide efficient solutions business of manufacturing and marketing. The main products Eastech Solar S.A.U. markets are those related to the Solar Energy Photovoltaics.

Eastech Solar S.A.U. available human resources and plant themselves in Spain and China, which is a large differential in front of his ensuring competition and ensuring the highest quality of its product and directly monitor all processes: technical, production, quality, packaging, transportation and customs.

Eastech Solar S.A.U.
is divided into six departments:

CustomerService Quality
Commercial and International Marketing    Internacional Transport and Customs
Legal Department Dpt. Administration
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