Guaranteed energy for next 6.000 years

The Sun, source of life and origin of the rest of the energy sources used by men from the dawn of history, can satisfy all our needs if we learn how to make a good use of the sunlight sheded continuously around the planet. It has been shinning in the sky for five million years and itís expected to be shinning at least, five million years more. At present, the sun will throw over the earth four millions times of energy than we are going to consume.

Spain receives each year over its surface more solar radiation than any other country in Europe. Spain is located in a very favored situation to promote this free, clean and virtually endless source of energy. In Eastech Solar, S.A.U. are conscious of that potential and we are qualified to take advantage on these resources that the sun provides us in itís clean and everlasting way.

Solar energy is without any doubts, the big star and hope of the renewable energies:

  • Itís ecological, clean and does not emit Co2 to the atmosphere
  • Itís a noiseless and safe energy source
  • Virtually endless
  • Limited or none maintenance
  • Generates an extraordinary finantial profitability in an energy plant with connection point to the grid
  • It is regulated under a normative framework stable and safe
  • Fast installation